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by: alex schneider



Libreria de Kahn

Kahn's Exeter Short Film from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

Excelente animacion por Alex Roman. Mi nuevo idolo!!!

Burnham Pavilion / Zaha Hadid

Para celebrar los 100 años del Plan de Chicago, más popularmente conocido como Plan de Burnham...

‘Voussoir Cloud’

by IwamotoScott with Buro Happold

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Adam Colton

Ringo - Longboard

Longboard Freeride

Little skaters

by Singapore-based street artist TR853-1 aka Trase-1. More Pics here


Colegio San Sebastian, Tidy Arquitectos. CHILE
via @parq Plataforma Arquitectura

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Do you realize?

The Flaming Lips y los amoooooo
Yoshiiiiiimiiiiii Forevaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Wake up - David Bowie & Arcade Fire

and here is the trailer of the movie "where the wild things are" from where I got the song :)
love it

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

San Zhi Pod Houses

Photography by Jennifer Su

and also here a great flickr set

The End of Existence: A Tribute to the Flying Saucer Houses from Jason Chen on Vimeo.

Video by Jason Chen

At first it looks like a piece of scenery of a science-fiction film from the 60s. A stunning housing estate by the ocean in Taiwan, lying about 25 km away from Taipei. It seems impossible to have been “really” built. Put up in the 1970s, it appears to be another modernist utopia that did not work.

Module houses from strange material, located amid artificial rocks by a beautiful ocean make an amazing impression! It is not really clear whether anyone has ever lived there, but doors, wallpapers, some of the windows, a swimming pool with slides have remained. Everything looks real (because it is indeed real!). However, looking at the site you cannot escape the impression that this is a film … or a dream. It is very interesting (and instructive) to observe modern experiments that were put into effect. Houses near the Baishawan beach surely are not the only such designs. Similar attempts were made by Matti Suuronen, who in 1968 designed his Futuro – “flying” houses destined at mass production.

Modernism has offered several ideas for a better future. Most of them, however, remained only on paper. Some have awaited realization though. Not all have been mistakes, like for example the Sonneveld's villa, (about which we wrote). These failures as well as these successes are an equally fascinating adventure in the history of design!

Thanks to rzeczy: o dizajnie

I've found this photos from the construction site. AMAZING

but I don't understand anything

Post #100 to P,B & J

PETER BJORN AND JOHN / Nothing To Worry About

Nothing to worry about video shows the Rockabilly scene in Yoyogi Park by The "Tokyo Rockabilly Club" Tokyo.


Lay it Down!!! awesome... and a Mix by The Golden Filter

Enjoy it! :)

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Para cuando "me case"

Quiero mis anillos asi...

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Retro Fredge

Para una cocina old school, variedad en colores desde el "blue beach" hasta el "buttercup yellow", simplemente fantasticos. Una cocina con un look vintage pero con la tecnologia que necesitas.

Big Chill Retro Kitchens

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Cultura en Los Barrios

Gustavo Dudamel en Caracas... sin comentarios.....

Lay it down - Peter, Bjorn & John

Peter, Bjorn & John - Lay It Down from Sandra Fröberg on Vimeo.

Official video of Lay it down by Peter, Bjorn & John, also here is a great remix from The Golden Filter.

Orbital - Halcyon + On + On (1995)